We acquired Nuutti in December 1998 from Mukluk kennel. When he arrived, Nuutti already had large paws and a big head. He also presented a strong character from the very beginning. During his first year Nuutti ate anything you could even somehow imagine to be eaten (and a little bit more too). Today Nuutti is the most charming dog there is. He is kind and calm, but also rather hard-headed, for if Nuutti doesn't feel like doing something, he won't do that either.
Everyone who meets Nuutti, loses a little bit of his heart to him!
Nuutti became Finnish champion immediately after his second birthday. Nuutti has taken successfully the Finnish Alaskan Malamutes Association's sledpulling test as well as the handling test and is also on the association's list of studdogs recommended for breeding in Finland.

In dogshows Nuutti has improved his performance all the time, and in my opinion he is now in his prime as a showdog. Nuutti's show results include among others VICTORY IN THE ALASKAN MALAMUTES' SPECIAL SHOW in 2003 as well as VICTORY IN THE ALASKAN MALAMUTES' SHOWDOG CONTEST in 2003!

Nuutti September -03